There are many ways to update a kitchen, in order to make it a more functional and attractive part of your home. New, more energy efficient, appliances are a great place to begin a kitchen transformation. Appliances address the functional part of a kitchen remodeling project, but what about form? Not only do you want the practical improvements (microwave, convection oven, cook top, etc.), you also should enhance the visual appeal of this focal point in your home.
Think about it. In which room does the family most often congregate? In our house it is the kitchen/dining area. We cook there, eat there, and hang out there. So how can we make that space more interesting and accessible? Let’s talk about cabinets. Every kitchen has them. Cabinets store dishes, glassware, pots and pans, bowls, mixers, and plasticware. The latest cabinet trends include contrasting colors, different types of wood, and varied textures such as distressed wood, and laminate. There are many possibilities when choosing cabinet finishes. Choices include glossier finishes, black or grey stains, and natural finishes.
Don’t forget about cabinets when you update your kitchen. You can use a mix of different colors and wood tones to create a truly warm and inviting space for your family.